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Lisbeth, the wife of my cutting board man, picked fresh strawberries and made jam for me at the height of the season last year, and since, I have had repeated requests for more. When I went to pick up this year's batch, she told me she was making blueberry next. And, since I'm pretty bright, I told her I wanted some. Sixteen jars, to be exact. Untested, because I hadn't had her blueberry before, but based on the strength of that strawberry, I felt pretty good about it. 

And let me be clear: I was right. This stuff is exceptional. 

Very limited quantities. No label. Super small batch. Seasonal. All-natural. Organic.* A part of our continuing County Fair Series. 

1-pint jar.

* Not officially designated as such, but she doesn't use any chemicals or pesticides in growing her strawberries and only uses organic, handmade ingredients in the process. 

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