Palmetto Farms' grits were one of the first items purchased when I started this journey. From there, I branched out into other products made by the Dorman family and the cornmeal pancake mix seemed like a no-brainer. I know that so many families go gluten free these days that a smart addition to the collection would be a pancake mix that works for everyone! They're delicious following the basic recipe, but add some pear puree and bump them up three notches. 

The Dormans use premium non-GMO corn, selected specifically for its flavor profile, and grind the cornmeal in a traditional stone mill, allowing it to retain the natural oils from the corn. The mill has been around for more than 80 years, when James Graham (Devin's great-grandfather) first started milling for his family.

The cornmeal pancake mix is certified gluten free. 

2 pound bag

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