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Kyle the Crocodile spends his days crammed into a cubicle, staring at a computer screen thinking of better things...picturing a life of sunbathing on the beach. Once the weekend rolls around, he ditches the shirt and tie and hits the shore with a cold beverage and a big bowl of his scrumptious crunch mix. Remember, Good Times. Good Friends. Good Food.

Crocodile Crunch includes Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts, Salted Cashews, Pretzel Balls, Mango-flavored Habanero Seasoning, Roasted Pepper Sesame Sticks, Goji Berries and Green Peas.

This is one of the first products RL carried when we opened. It's still one of my personal favorites. 

OU Kosher Certified.

8 oz. can.


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Spicy Kick to your Snack Mix

Emily Williams on Nov 28th 2017

If you're not careful, you'll down the whole can in one sitting, as long as you have something cool to drink. Feridies does a great job of choosing just the right treats to mix and the spicy kick of the Crocodile Crunch will have you grinning a big ole smile.