Each spring, we collaborate with a different coffee roaster we love to create a new Espresso Nut Butter blend. Our newest collaboration, available today for the first time, is made with Intelligentsia Coffee’s Organic Black Cat Project Espresso!

The roasted coffee “bean” we grind and brew is actually the seed of a fruit, and like all fruit, it is only available and ripe at different times of year, depending on where it is grown. The Black Cat Project formed in 1995 from Intelligentsia’s belief that only the best coffees produce the greatest espressos, therefore requiring a seasonal, dynamic approach to the entire process of espresso creation, from farm-level collaboration and micro lot sourcing to roasting, blending, and final preparation. It’s working. Black Cat is a syrupy and sweet espresso blend that offers delicious balance, whether enjoyed alone or with milk in classic macchiato or cappuccino. For coffee lovers, no trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to Intelligentsia for a perfect espresso drink. Now with cafes in L.A. and NYC, as well, they are making it easier for folks on the coasts to share in this experience. 

This limited edition Espresso Nut Butter collaboration with our friends at Intelligentsia combines fresh-roasted heirloom Mission almonds and Runner peanuts, Muddy Pond sorghum syrup, and sea salt with Black Cat Organic Espresso and its signature flavors of caramel, brown sugar, and dark chocolate. Intensely rich yet balanced, it’s delightful with fresh fruit, stirred into warm oatmeal, on toast, and of course, right out of your spoon!

10-oz jar.

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