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For the Caramel Adventurer! Fat Toad Farm’s limited edition goat's milk caramel is made even richer and creamier with the addition of heavy cream (yes, this one also incorporated cow’s milk), and after six hours of careful stirring, spiked with fine Irish Whiskey. The whiskey burns off immediately leaving behind elegant, yet simple notes of  ripe apricots, peaches, vanilla, and just a hint of chocolate before disappearing. This delicious caramel flavor is also dressed up in our  fabulous limited edition labels!  

While you're probably familiar with dulce de leche, you might not have ever had cajeta. They're both delicious caramel syrups deriving from Spanish-speaking countries, but while dulce de leche is made from cow’s milk, cajeta is made using goat’s milk. I picked up Fat Toad Farms’ cajeta in 2013, after tasting – and falling in love with – it at the Fancy Food Show. A family-owned business, Fat Toad Farm opened in 2007 and have been creating variations on their traditional cajeta ever since. In 2014, Fat Toad and Riley/Land were in competition for the FedEx Small Business Grant contest, both making it into the top 100 businesses, but they ended up walking away with the prize. I couldn’t imagine a better champ if it wasn’t meant for RLC to win.

Not all - but many - people whose bodies cannot handle lactose can safely consume goat's milk. This might be a saving grace for some of you lactose-intolerant, ducle de leche-loving folks.

8 ounce jar

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