Limited Edition Sewanee Fog Candle - Celebrating 50 Years of Women

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In 1969, Sewanee: The University of the South admitted its first class of women; 103 women to be exact. Fifty years later, we celebrate the thousands of women who have studied in the University's hallowed halls. Out of respect for that occasion, Dr. Felysha Jenkins C'98 approached me about making a commemorative Sewanee Fog candle. I then partnered with Erin Hanni Cassell C'98, using one of her original pieces for the label design. I will donate $5 per candle sold 10/01/19 - 11/15/19 to the Bairnwick Women's Center, a space that has provided the University with a sense of inclusivity and community for decades. 

Creating a candle that evokes memories of Sewanee was not the easiest undertaking. Finding something that smells like fog is, well, complicated. We tried several versions and finally settled on a combination of essential oils that is reminiscent of the dampness that hangs in the air after a rainfall. There's an earthiness, mixed with a lilt of pine, some woody notes, musk, citrus, amber and oakmoss. The candle was released in 2018, in conjunction with my 20-year anniversary of graduating from Sewanee. It has sold extremely well and I am excited to share it with my fellow alumni. 

The Sewanee Fog candle will bring back memories of afternoon concerts at Lake Cheston and frisbee golf in Manigault Park and Dr. Smith's class in the Quad. Of walking to class in a fog that's so dense you had to rely on muscle memory to get to your destination. Of hiking the Perimeter Trail and then having a burger at Shenanigans. Of the week immediately following comps and how relieved you were to finally be done. It will remind you of how Sewanee became home. 

If you haven't purchased candles from RLC before, here's what you get: a hand-poured soy wax candle with a double wick (that's lead-free; no soot!). They have an 85+ hour burn life. I have partnered with a lovely lady named Ella who has created a drawstring canvas bag - in Sewanee Purple, no less - to house the candles, making them ideal for gift-giving.

Again, this candle in this iteration is only available for a six week span. If you'd like to pick them up during Sewanee's homecoming, use code PURPLE at check out. I will have your orders ready for you when you arrive on the Mountain. Otherwise, I will ship them out the last week of October. Oh, and don't forget that you mama wants one. 

As a way of generating more candles sold - and hence, a larger donation to Bairnwick, we have these suggestions:

- wedding party gifts

- end-of-the-year client gifts

- real estate closing gifts

- corporate gifting