Morning are better with preserves. Proven fact. Put some on a biscuit and you’ll be happy. More of our introduction of our full lineup of pantry staples from Lowcountry Produce. I’ve carried some products before, but have ramped up considerably recently. Here’s why: my mama said their stuff is “excellent.” It’s the closest I’ve found to her canned goods. The PEACH PRESERVES taste like home. South Carolina harvests about 200 million pounds of peaches each year, making this jar taste like it came straight out of the orchard.

9 oz. jar.

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Lowcountry Peach Preserves

Robert on May 26th 2018

I’m so glad that I ordered these. Joseph’s mamma said that these were a close match to her homemade preserves so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Be careful, this is a product you might eat directly from the jar with a spoon, ahem. But it is delicious on a warm piece of toasted bread, butter optional.