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Due South has been re-mixed into the brand new Nashville-Bound candle. If you liked Due South, you will fall in love with Nashville-Bound. 

Each candle is hand poured and packaged in Nashville, Tennessee. The base is a clean burning soy wax and then they get crazy combining oils. Some are great (Due South) and some are horrible (those never see the light of day). The final touch is a locally screen printed burlap satchel, a box of matches and a signed note from the candle maker. With each one-of-a-kind scent, we hope to wrap your space in the warmth and comfort that only a special fragrance can. 

Due South (our best seller): A masculine and feminine mixture of oak moss, amber, sage and orange. Our Due South candle has a universal appeal with a rich woody base and notes of musk. It’s like taking a hike with a good smelling man in the woods, without all the sweaty walking and blisters.

Size: each 22oz candle contains 1lb of wax, with an 80+ hr burn time

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Due South Candle

Marian on Nov 1st 2017

Have you ever been disappointed with a candle purchase? First it seems to smell so wonderful at the store, then once you get it home, light it, the fragrance is lacking its joy? Well look no further, these candles from Oak Nashville are on point. Well crafted, beautifully design, you made never light them. I purchased my candles months ago and till today, the mixture of oak moss, sage, amber scents are a warm blanket surrounding my home. Trust me, buy 2 at a time and purchase 2 for a friend. Thank you for adding this to your collection.