Each candle is hand poured and packaged in Nashville, Tennessee. The base is a clean burning soy wax and then they get crazy combining oils. Some are great (The Sweet Outdoors) and some are horrible (those never see the light of day). The final touch is a locally screen printed burlap satchel, a box of matches and a signed note from the candle maker. With each one-of-a-kind scent, we hope to wrap your space in the warmth and comfort that only a special fragrance can. 

The Sweet Outdoors: Our Sweet Outdoors candle is a fresh scent with a light floral base, enhanced with middle and top notes of citrus and spice. Think of the way the air smells when you’re rocking on the front porch the morning after a spring storm.

Size: each 22oz candle contains 1lb of wax, with an 80+ hr burn time

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The South...in a candle

Emily Williams on Nov 28th 2017

There are lots of candles that claim to capture the scent of the South. None do it as well as Oak Nashville's 'The Sweet Outdoors.' This candle transports me right back to my college days on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee (minus the heady smell of cheap beer), sitting in the out-of-doors, listening to the crickets and the birds and the trees, and being awestruck by the beauty of nature. The candle burns clean, does not overwhelm with cloying scents, and, if I close my eyes and the breeze blows just right, I would swear I am back down south.