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Traditional cultures of the Americas have been blending chocolate (Theobroma cacao) with nuts and spices for thousands of years. Mayans and Aztecs made sacred offerings of chocolate to their gods and served chocolate drinks in religious ceremonies. For centuries, Mexico’s chocolaty, nutty, and impossibly delicious mole sauces have been legendary representations of that country’s rich culinary heritage. Europeans colonized these lands and took chocolate home, where they famously sweetened it, mixed it with dairy, and created a wildly successful confection industry that has produced myriad combinations of milk chocolate and nuts.

Our coarsely ground, yet smoothly spreadable Peanut Cocoa butter combines stone-milled dark chocolate (made bean-to-bar from whole cacao) with fresh-roasted peanuts, wildflower honey, sea salt, and a touch of organic coconut oil. As you taste it, the rich, buttery flavors of toasted nuts give way to the bright, earthy complexity of dark chocolate, punctuated by just enough salt to remind you about the honey. That pleasant, dark-chocolate crunch? Those are the fresh-roasted cocoa nibs (pieces of whole roasted cocoa beans that have been separated from the husk). We love Peanut Cocoa in a bowl of ice cream, with fresh fruit, and of course, right out of the jar.

Nutritionally, dark chocolate is a bona fide superfood, and is linked in numerous studies to lower blood pressure, lower LDL “bad” cholesterol, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, appetite control, reduced stress, and increased blood circulation.

10-oz jar.

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