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Palmetto Farms' grits were one of the first items purchased when I started this journey. Initially I just had the white grits, but people kept asking for yellow grits - one of those elusive "finds" outside of the south. And good grits (or proper grits, as I refer to them) are even harder to find. Not anymore. I've got the proper ones. That simple. Perfect for a classic bowl of shrimp and grits or as a side with your sausage and biscuit or even better - use them as the starch on any given dish. Substitute them for mashed potatoes, polenta (really, what's the difference?), rice, you name it! Shirley Caesar would be proud.
From the grits, I branched out into other products made by the Dormans on their family owned farm about 30 miles west of Myrtle Beach. The Dormans use premium non-GMO corn, selected specifically for its flavor profile, and grind the corn in a traditional stone mill, allowing it to retain the natural oils from the corn. The mill has been around for more than 80 years, when James Graham (Devin's great-grandfather) first started milling for his family. Gluten free and NON-GMO. 

2 pound bags 

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