A box of of flavors with a serious Southern flair make up our The South in Your Mouth box.

We started with our Southern Art Hot Sauce, made in Atlanta with peppers from a single farm outside Baton Rouge. It's won a handful of awards, but more importantly, gained a gaggle of fans since we first introduced it in 2014. Once you try it, you become an acolyte. 

Up next, is our Kentuckyaki sauce, which is teriyaki aged in old Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels, giving a definitive Southern twist to the Asian-rooted sauce. Made by, appropriately enough, Bourbon Barrel Foods

There's not much more Southern than green tomatoes and this green tomato relish from Lowcountry Produce in South Carolina gives a traditional pickle relish a run for its money. Try it on hot dogs and more!

Single-origin coffee beans from Colombia make their way to Columbia, Tennessee (often referred to as "Muletown" by locals) for this all-purpose coffee. According to Matt, the owner, it's designed to work for every coffee-loving tastebud. 

And, last but not least, is our Peanut Brittle Crunch (which, incidentally, was the very first item purchased when I opened RLC in Harlem in 2013). Made in Virginia by a small family business - FERIDIES - founded in 1973. These sweet, crunch, buttery bits of heaven are better than those old commercials for Calgon ("take me away!"). 


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