Appletree Candle | RLC No. 20

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The RLC Candle Club began in January 2021, with a new scent being dropped each month. We only make 30 of each scent, which means there are a very limited amount of leftovers after our subscribers get their candles. These candles are hand-poured, made using vegan soy, with lead-free wicks, and a burn life of approximately 60-65 hours. 

It was a stormy night you know the kind where the lightnin' strike
And I was hangin' out with some my artsy friends
Ooh wee ooh wee ooh wee
The night was long the night went on people coolin' out until the
Break of dawn
Incense was burnin' so I'm feelin' right, aight
See I picks my friends like I pick my fruit
My Ganny told me that when I was only a youth
I don't walk around trying to be what I'm not
I don't waste my time trying to get what you got
I work at pleasin' me
Cause I can't please you and that's why I do what I do
My soul flies free like a willow tree
Doo wee doo wee doo wee
And if you don't want to be down with me, then you don't want to pick
From my appletree