Balsamic, Shallot & Black Garlic Spread

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This 2021 SOFI Award-winning spread is rich and savory, with a hint of sweetness. This versatile spreads is basically is part condiment/part jam. Delicately balanced with black garlic, shallots and finished with aged balsamic. Spread it over a wheel of Brie cheese to heat and serve with crostini for an easy appetizer. Or add to an omelette. Or pasta - either hot or a cold salad. Or mix into turkey for a burger. Or add as a spread on a panini. See? I told you it's versatile.

9 oz jar

INGREDIENTS: Red Onions, Water, Sugar, Balsamic Vinegar (wine vinegar, grape must), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shallots, Pectin, Salt, Black Garlic Powder, Ground Thyme, Black Pepper