Black Truffle Chili Crunch

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The Momofuku team is filled with truffle experts, having served them in their restaurants for more than a decade. When it came time to make Black Truffle Chili Crunch, they knew they couldn’t take any shortcuts. That’s why there is real black truffle in every bite. Nothing even comes close to this. Chili Crunch is the perfect pairing for black truffle. The truffle flavor blooms with gentle heat during the production process. The result: an earthy complexity that can stand up to the smoky-sweet heat that has made Chili Crunch a fan favorite. 

A quick note - Momofuku is the brainchild of renowned culinary giant Chef David Chang, established with the opening of Momofuku Noodle Bar in 2004. Restaurants in New York City, Sydney, Toronto, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles (Noodle Bar, Ssäm Bar, Ko, Seiōbo, Noodle Bar Toronto, Kōjin, Fuku, Fuku+, CCDC, Nishi, Ando, Las Vegas, Fuku Wall St, Kāwi), a bakery, the famous Milk Bar, a bar (Nikai), and a quarterly magazine (Lucky Peach). The bonafides are there. 

5.3 oz jar

INGREDIENTSGrapeseed Oil, Puya Chilis, Coconut Sugar, Onions, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Japones Chilis, Chilis De Arbol, Mushroom Powder, Salt, Shallots, Spices, Yeast Extract, Seaweed, Black Truffle.

Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut).