Brown Butter & Almond Cookies

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I won't lie - I ordered these on a whim. It was because "brown butter cookies" sounded like something I needed in my life. 

I was right.

These Brown Butter & Almond cookies have a nutty, toasted flavor that Unna Bakery gets from lightly browning their sweet butter, paired with the perfect crunch of California almonds. A little nutty, a lot crispy and completely delicious. You can easily indulge in the whole box in one sitting, but you don't have to: the box is broken down into 4 2-pack bags of cookies, allowing them to stay fresh longer. Apparently, this was Grandma Rut's favorite cookie. 

Unna Bakery is a New York-based, woman-owned business. Some notes from the owner: 

My sweet grandmother Rut perfected her Swedish butter cookies using only the finest quality ingredients. Growing up in Ostersund, Sweden, our family looked forward to her cookies during the traditional afternoon fika of coffee or tea. Her love of baking is my inspiration, and with these treasured recipes, and the fullest flavored sweet cream butter and Non-GMO ingredients. We’re thrilled to share the flavors and traditions of generations of Swedes with you.