Burgundy Shred XL Turkish Blanket

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I started carrying these hand-woven Turkish blankets a few years ago and quickly discovered that they adding them was one of the smartest business decisions I have made thus far. They're lightweight, perfect for the sofa or a summer blanket for your bed. I have one I take to the beach, I've sold them as tablecloths, I've seen photos of clients with kids who have used them for fort-building in the living room on a rainy day... 

If you don't know why Turkish cotton is deemed a premium textile, let me school you real quick: Turkish cotton is grown exclusively in Turkey's Aegean Region. The cotton has extra long fibers, which means fewer joins, which results in smoother - and stronger - threads. Those, stronger threads, in turn, means that the cotton will become softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings. In this instance the absorbent part isn't important, but check out our Turkish hand towels. I just re-convinced myself how worthwhile they are while writing that story. 

RLC's blankets are made in Turkey by a small, family-run business. This blanket is is 95" x 79" when opened completely. Fits a queen bed nicely.