Butterscotch Sauce

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I love all things brown sugar and caramel-y. So, when I stumbled across Backhouse Foods, I ordered everything they sell. lol. And I am glad I did; these Memphis-made sauces are amazing. The flavor is spot-on and the mouth feel? It's like eating silk. I know it's easy to think of those little yellow candies when you hear "butterscotch," but this sauce is sophisticated and just a little sultry. It's a warm hug in a jar. It is outstanding drizzled over ice cream, crepes, sliced apples and pears and, of course, banana splits. I will amend her description to add pound cake. Drizzle some over your pound cake. 

A quick backstory - Loren Powell learned the art of great sauce-making from her great-grandmother, and initially was making it as holiday gifts for friends, then slowly teachers, coaches, clients, and more were added to the list. In November 2016, Loren decided to open Backhouse Foods and give it a go. Nana has to be so pleased by this. 

12 oz