Bygone Days Candle | RLC No. 18

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The RLC Candle Club began in January 2021, with a new scent being dropped each month. We only make 30 of each scent, which means there are a very limited amount of leftovers after our subscribers get their candles. These candles are hand-poured, made using vegan soy, with lead-free wicks, and a burn life of approximately 60-65 hours. 

BYGONE DAYS is our September RLC Candle Club selection. This scent was actually the second sample I was given when I was creating my first candle, Sewanee Fog. It wasn’t right for that, but I held on to it, knowing that one day it would find a home. 

Sandalwood, with amber, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, juniper, and clove creates this well-balanced scent. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, all rounded out with the sandalwood (which, if you notice, is in most of my candles). This candle makes me almost wistful, thinking of days past. I can’t explain why; it just does. That’s how things like this often work. 

The cover image is a photo of my grandparents - Joe & Bobbie Harrison - taken about a month after they got married in August 1950. It’s taken on an arched bridge in Olive Hill, Tennessee, overlooking the very fields I used as inspiration for Olive Hill Skies.