Chicken & Waffles Buffalo Sauce

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I love wings. Specifically, grilled wings with no sauce so I can add whatever I want. So, when I came across these buffalo sauces from Denver, I was really excited. Let me dab a different sauce on each wing!

This version, the Chicken & Waffles, is inspired by one of my very favorite dishes. The sauce is smooth, with a touch of sweetness. Milder in heat with subtle notes of maple syrup, this sauce is perfect for wings and perfect for the whole family. Made with real butter and maple syrup.

A note from joseph:

Now, I didn't see this in any of their photos before I purchased - and I genuinely like the sauce, so I am letting it pass - but there's a bit on the back of the bottle that implies southerners are incestuous. I know it's a joke. I know they thought they were being clever. I know a lot of people make the same jokes. I am not one of them. It's not funny. Not remotely funny. But, again, I like these sauces a lot, so I am getting over it and picking my battles. I am telling you now so if it does offend you, you can make your own decisions now. 

INGREDIENTS: White Vinegar, Aged Cayenne Peppers, Maple Syrup, Water, Butter, Garlic, Salt, Xanthan Gum.

Contains: Milk