Cinnamon Mexican Chocolate Skulls

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I have been interested in Hernán for quite some time, but always have to find the right time to actually bring them on board. Isela Hernandez opened this company in 2007, partnering with local Mexican artisans to create products. Hernán has been featured in Martha Stewart LivingFood & Wine Magazine, Food Network’s Iron Chef AmericaFine Cooking, CNN’s Your MoneyCosmopolitan Latina, Telemundo, and Univision.

HERNÁN Mexican chocolate "calaveras" are a joyful celebration of life & food. Presented in artisan hand-woven, brightly colored palm leaf baskets, these chocolate skulls reflect the ancient Mexicans' belief in an active afterlife. Enjoy as candy or use to make frothy Mexican hot chocolate. Their chocolate de metate is made of stone-ground ORGANIC cocoa beans from a bio-diversified plantation in the Mayan region. They harvest and produce in the state of Chiapas where they continue the Mayan tradition of cultivating cocoa in harmony with the environment.

Ingredients: Sugar, Organic Cacao, Cinnamon, & Soy Lecithin

240g (package includes 16 "calaveritas" skulls)