Coco-For-Garlic Sauce

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Try this exotic coconut garlic sauce on just about anything to add a bounty of flavor with a unique roasted garlic aroma and all the goodness of Virgin Coconut. Use Coco-For-Garlic before sautéing or braising to marinate poultry, meats, fish or tofu, to spice up stews or soups. Go ahead and add it to omelettes, frittatas, quiches and even pizza for unexpected but exceptional flavor.

I met Essie Bartels at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2018. As I was walking through the Javits Center, I caught glimpse of a bustling booth full of energy and laughter. I walked over, tasted the products, fell in love and proposed. And hence, The Essiespice collection is now a part of the Riley/Land Collection. Bartels' journey started in her mother's tiny kitchen in Ghana, where her love affair with spice was ignited. Her flavorful journey continued all over the globe, spurred by her insatiable appetite for travel. She played with exotic palates; she tested cuisines, she concocted condiments. As her experiments with spices grew, so did the demand for her homemade sauces which all boiled down to what you now find in this jar: bottled up joy handed down through three generations to spice up your life. You, too, will fall in love.
Received rave reviews from: Forbes, TIME, Medium, Bon Appétit, Cooking Light, Village Voice, Daily Mail and more...
10.5 ounce jar