Coffee + MCT Nut Butter

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I worked in an office once. It was short-lived, but every day around 2:30 or so I would lose all of my energy and be ready for a good old nap. Now, I won't lie and say that I never briefly closed my eyes, sitting at my computer. What I will say is that I needed some sort of energy boost to get me over that hump. In present day, I am always energized, but hungry, post-workout. The way to rectify both scenarios? SuperFat. 

Healthy fats are scientifically proven to be necessary for great health. SuperFat's on-the-go squeezable nut butters are filled with simple ingredients, but loads of flavor. Macadamia & almond nut butter + coffee & MCT oil for super fuel to support metabolism, healthy brain function and supercharge your day. MCT, derived from the most potent part of the coconut, partners up with the powerful punch of coffee to give you an extra boost. As coffee lovers, we could talk all day about its benefits such as helping us deal with our neighbor mowing his lawn at 7am or getting the kids ready for school on time, but there is actually scientific evidence that proves coffee is packed with essential nutrients that can help drastically improve physical performance, increase energy levels, potentially lower your risk of Type II Diabetes, reduce risk of heart disease, and so much more.

Some facts:
Free From GMOs
Free From Gluten
High In Protein
Non-GMO Project Verified
Certified Vegan
Free From Added Sugar
High In Fiber
OU Kosher Certified
Free From Palm Oil