Colts Bolts Mixed Chocolate S/10

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Ten of Mackenzie Colt's signature peanut butter and chocolate confections - I describe them as "a peanuts butter cup on steroids" - individually wrapped. Five milk chocolate, five dark chocolate.

Mackenzie Colt is a chocolate-making genius. Thirty years after she left popular country music variety show Hee Haw and opened a chocolate shop in Nashville's then-downtrodden Gulch area, she has been one of the most consistent things about a city that is constantly evolving. The SOFI Award-winning Colts Bolt - begat a company that is both diverse (a wide array of product lines) and consistent (I've never had a bad piece over the eons that I have been eating Colts). It was the first item on my list when I started making plans to open this business. 


Available for shipping in October. Otherwise, it will melt and you'll be mad. 


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    Not your average peanut butter cup

    Posted by Emily Williams on Dec 23rd 2019

    “Wow. These are kinda expensive for peanut butter cups.”
    “Honey, these ain’t Reese’s.”

    These cups are to die for. They’re hearty and rich - cut them in fourths and you’ll be okay. You can share them that way or not. And this mixed set? Satisfy everyone in your friend group with their favorite. My colleagues look forward to these every year and my family are glad there’s enough left for them!