Curry (Irish) Country Ketchup

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I met the Stephen, one of the owners of Judge Casey's Irish Country Ketchup, at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The second I tasted it, I fell in love. That's often the case - like when you hear the first notes on a song and immediately know you're going to like it. Same thing. What is "country ketchup" versus just "ketchup," you might ask - and how does the Irish part come into play? I'll tell you.

The concept originated from an old Irish family recipe. And, because drawing a direct comparison helps explain things, try this: you know country white bread has so much more texture than regular white bread - like there's more in it? That's how country ketchup works. Loaded with crushed California tomatoes, it's also got onions, raisins and a tangy blend of sun dried tomatoes, vinegar, raw cane sugar (never buy ketchup with high fructose corn syrup, please).

I recommend you use this as a ketchup. But also use it as a chutney or a relish or a bbq sauce. Try it on a meatloaf, mixed into your meatballs, over grilled fish, with fried fish, on fries, etc.

They've changed the branding from Irish Country Ketchup to Famously Thick Ketchup, but my clientele recognize it as Irish Ketchup, lol, so it's staying that for the time being. This version has been dusted with a nice does of curry, giving it a kick! 
14.6 oz. bottle