Flîkr Personal Fireplace

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Listen. I debated long and hard on this one. It's a bit of a stretch for RLC, but I think they're so damn cute that I got over it. A chef friend of mine ordered one for a private dinner party he did and his guests made homemade s'mores (dude even made his own fancy marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate!). I watched his IG story in envy and said the Riley/Land folks might want one of these. 

Fueled with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, this sucker is the business. It only takes 5oz. of the alcohol to get a 45-60 minute burn time. It's got a refined, clean and crisp look, with a quartz-like base custom milled to cradle the mini fireplace. It's lined with felt to protect your surfaces. Side note: the reviews from other stores carrying this item are phenomenal. Their sales have been very strong, with shockingly high customer satisfaction reports. 

A story: 

When I was living off and on in Trinidad, we were planning events at the Hyatt Regency. The lobby/bar area has this enormous art installation above a grand fireplace. The fireplace is made up of five white blocks of Isopropyl-fueled mini fireplaces. The seating area just in front of the fireplace was my office. We had countless meetings right there, with the magnificence of the entire installation staring me in the face. It was, in fact, the very first thing I saw when I arrived for my first trip down and is synonymous with Port of Spain for me. I have loved it since that first night. This is like the mini version.