Ginger Lemongrass Hot Sauce

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I'm going to be completely honest here. I kept seeing these little jars with the cute fabric tied around the lid. The labels were beautiful and the entire vibe of the products came across as authentic and true. I rarely buy something without tasting it, but said, "let me get these for my Mystery Box people. I'll try them once they get here." To be clear; I simply don't do that. Anyway, I was behind on adding them to the site, so I didn't send them out in the boxes. I decided, last minute, to include a jar in one box in December, but then reconsidered because the client isn't a fan of heat. I cracked open the jar in my warehouse to see if it was okay to send, and - Oh My God Becky!!! It was hot! But not in a make-flame-shoot-out-of-your-eyes kind of way; it was tasty as hell. But also burned like it. I turned that little jar around to see the ingredient list and was not disappointed: coconut milk, habaneros, celery, etc. I cannot tell a lie: I used almost the whole jar that week, just luxuriating in its flavorful, spicy heat. 

Also, lest I not share all of the news, I added this sauce to my black eyed peas on January 1. I hate black eyed peas, but I used the sauce as a chowchow, of sorts, and it uplifted the entire dish. I am, officially, in love. 

4 oz. jar 


Nafissatou Camara was born in France and started cooking, using classic French techniques, at a very early age under her mother's guidance. In her teens, she sought our her father and went to live with him in Senegal, where she and her grandmother (and namesake) the two quickly became best friends. Nafissantou was delighted by the new aromas and spices she had never known existed. Says Nafissatou, "This time spent with Mama Nafi was often silent, rhythm by the sound of the cooking tools, the pilon, the coal cracking, focused, powerful, as she was conscientiously transferring her precious knowledge and blessings to the child I still was. I was staring at her every graceful gesture, and her happy smile."