Guava Toasted Corn Cracker

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As I looked for more items for the snack category, I found these tortilla-like crackers from Miami. The owner, Leo, is an architect by trade, but changed careers a few years ago to pursue his passion - sharing foods celebrating his Venezuelan roots. And with that, he created these wafer-thin, crunchy bites that are based on an arepa. Using corn to create these crackers, he has created a gluten free, vegan, kosher snack that should make most people happy. 

The packaging for Craize crackers offers "authentic flavor/limitless possibilities," See for yourself. 

The guava flavor pairs wonderfully with cheese, especially the soft white type. For sweet toppings, dark chocolate spread and ice cream are our go-to options. Craize’s guava is really a unique one, and once you try it, you’ll become a fan.