Hawaij Seasoning Blend

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In the early days of RLC, back when I was still in my Harlem walk-up, I spoke with Leetal of NY Shuk about adding their Harissa. She sent samples, it was delicious, but I was worried about the price point. They were still a baby company and RLC was a baby company and it seemed like a huge commitment. I decided to wait. In 2018, we touched base again and couldn't get the numbers to work to ship down to Nashville. So, we backburnered it. Then in Summer 2019, we met at the Fancy Food Show and made the decision to make this finally happen. So, after all of these starts and stops, I am excited to finally bring NY Shuk's Middle Eastern flavors to Riley/Land Collection. 

Hawaij spice is no wallflower, with its gorgeous golden hue and powerful fragrance. Originally from Yemen, this earthy spice blend is a favorite flavor in Israel where it comes to life in slow-simmered dishes. Think of it as masala’s Middle Eastern cousin. Turmeric, Cumin, Black peppercorn, Cardamom, Spices, sunflower oil.

So many versatile uses!

  • COOK: Soups & Stews
  • GRILL: Poultry, fish & meat
  • FLAVOR: Dry rubs & vegetable dishes

 Side note: This is my personal favorite. I use it all of the time!