Honeysuckle Grove Candle

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As I was developing the Olive Hill Skies candle, I debated back and forth about which scent I felt was the most-representative of home - wild clover or honeysuckle? We went through so many variations that I had to stop and take a break and then come back to it. The wild clover won out, but the honeysuckle was such a strong contender that I couldn't just let it go. So, I created the Honeysuckle Grove candle. It isn't a part of the "My Life" candle series (the ones in the bags); it is a stand alone that I will have for the summer. I'll keep it around if sales justify it. It's sweet smell, very fragrant. 

A breakdown - 

TOP: red clover, sweet grass, neroli

MIDDLE: honeysuckle, blackberry, green leaves, mulberry, peaches, pear

BASE: bamboo, teakwood, honey

Burn life is 65 hours (it's smaller than our other candles); soy wax; two lead free wicks. 


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    Honeysuckle grove candle

    Posted by Maureen Olsen on Apr 25th 2020

    I am in love with this candle. It leaves a fresh, clean, light floral sent throughout my house- even without being lit. Highly recommended.

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    Honeysuckle Grove Candle

    Posted by Gwen on Aug 28th 2019

    I cannot say how lovely this candle smells. It is not sickly-sweet as some candles can be. It has a very natural honeysuckle scent. It smells the same lit as it does solid! (some cheaper candles smell great in the jar, but when lit, all you can smell is the wax)