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We Rub You Hot Korean Gochujang (go-choo-jahng) is a hot sauce that highlights the ancient Korean fermented red chili pepper paste. Most popularly served alongside bibimbap (Korean rice bowls, often served in hot stone pots), that doesn't stop us from pouring it on our hot dogs and hamburgers! Gochujang is Korea's answer to Sriracha and the secret ingredient cooks have used for years to enhance flavor and give depth to heat. Contains no high fructose corn syrup or MSG, which is often found in Korean BBQ sauce. We Rub You products are vegan and use mostly non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. Everything is all-natural. 

Think about that bottle of Sriracha you have sitting in your cupboard. Now, imagine using this sauce in lieu of it to create a different depth of flavor, and - probably - a more nuanced heat. Unless you're using a fancy-schmancy Sriracha, there will be no comparison. You've also got the added benefit of Gochujang being an "it" ingredient the past few years for chef-run restaurants, high-profile bloggers and maybe most notably, Bon Appetit Magazine, which has churned out recipe after recipe using it in sautéed Brussels sprouts, mixed into a sauce for dipping homemade tater tots, added to kimchi, and so forth. You can use this for a base for pretty much anything spicy. 

I met sisters Ann and Janet Chung at the 2013 Fancy Food Show in Manhattan. Their Korean BBQ sauces were nominated for (and eventually won) the SOFI Award and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. As I rounded the corner, I saw a backdrop with huge bottles of sauce with bright, in-your-face labels, emblazoned with the words: We Rub You. Immediately, I knew they would stand out on a display and people would want to buy them. I couldn't wait to try them to see if the taste was as good as I wanted it to be. And... yeah, it was. In fact, it superseded by expectations.
Ann explained to me that in the Korean alphabet lacks a distinct L/R or V/B, so We Rub You is actually a way to say 'We Love You" and not just an implication of what you're supposed to do with a bottle of BBQ sauce. From there, we discussed how the two ladies - daughters of Korean immigrants - started selling their signature sauces from a small pop up stand at Smorgasburg, a Brooklyn food flea market, in the form of bulgogi, a popular Korean beef dish. The demand became so great that, two years after starting with Smorgasburg, they started bottling and selling the sauces. And, four months later, they were nominated for the highest honor in their field. 

And with that, I added We Rub You to the collection. Ann even drove the first couple of orders over from Queens to Harlem for me to help keep my cost at a minimum. It's been a happy marriage since.
Janet & Ann donate 10% of their gross profits to organizations that help survivors of human trafficking, as well as employ a handful of survivors.

Apple cider vinegar, rice, sugar, non-GMO corn syrup, water, ground red pepper, toasted sesame oil, apple juice, salt, garlic, onion. 

vegan | gluten free