Irish Country Ketchup

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I met the Stephen, one of the owners of Judge Casey's Irish Country Ketchup, at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The second I tasted it, I fell in love. That's often the case - like when you hear the first notes on a song and immediately know you're going to like it. Same thing. What is "country ketchup" versus just "ketchup," you might ask - and how does the Irish part come into play? I'll tell you.

The concept originated from an old Irish family recipe. And, because drawing a direct comparison helps explain things, try this: you know country white bread has so much more texture than regular white bread - like there's more in it? That's how country ketchup works. Loaded with crushed California tomatoes, it's also got onions, raisins and a tangy blend of sun dried tomatoes, vinegar, raw cane sugar (never buy ketchup with high fructose corn syrup, please).

I recommend you use this as a ketchup. But also use it as a chutney or a relish or a bbq sauce. Try it on a meatloaf, mixed into your meatballs, over grilled fish, with fried fish, on fries, etc.