Limited Batch Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter

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In April 2013, Mark Overbay and I discussed me adding his (relatively) new nut butter line to my (very) new business. A month later, Riley/Land opened and the rest is history. I have carried, I'm pretty sure, every flavor they make over the last nine years.

Some things just work well together. Case in point – the toasty, naturally malty flavors of roasted peanuts, pecans, maple, woodsmoke, and bourbon. This season’s Limited Batch nut butter is Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, which is handmade with fresh-roasted high-oleic Cordoban peanuts, bourbon-roasted pecans, Vermont maple syrup, applewood smoked sea salt, and just a touch of Kentucky’s favorite export. 

*The alcohol in the bourbon-roasted pecans has been cooked away, and this delectable peanut butter is well below the maximum percent alcohol by volume (ABV) of 0.5% allowed in food products.

INGREDIENTS: High-Oleic Peanuts, Bourbon Pecans (Pecans, Cane Sugar, Bourbon, Salt), Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Bourbon Whiskey, Organic Cocoa Butter, Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

 13-oz. jar.