Limited Batch Rancho Gordo Chocolate Peanut Butter

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In April 2013, Mark Durham and I discussed me adding his (relatively) new nut butter line to my (very) new business. A month later, Riley/Land opened and the rest is history. I have carried, I'm pretty sure, every flavor they make over the last nine years.

This limited-batch nut butter is a delicious collaboration with the folks at Rancho Gordo, the innovative Napa, California-based importer of indigenous foods of the Americas. El Rico Chocolate Peanut Butter combines fresh-roasted Cordoban Runner variety peanuts, Rancho Gordo’s stoneground Mexican chocolate, organic coconut nectar, Jacobsen sea salt, and a touch of vanilla to create an intensely rich dark chocolate peanut butter worthy of its name (El Rico means “the rich one” in Spanish!). We love it on toast, with warm churros, as a base for molé, or right out of the jar! Peanuts and chocolate, both indigenous to the Americas, are arguably one of the world’s greatest food combinations. In fact, one of the first known mentions of peanuts in written history was in a Peruvian sacred drinking chocolate recipe from about 1500 B.C. In other words, people have been hip to this combo for a long time!

 INGREDIENTS: High-Oleic Runner Peanuts, Rancho Gordo - Xoxoc Chocolate (Cacao, Piloncillo, Canela), Organic Coconut Nectar, Jacobsen Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla  

 13-oz. jar.