Midnight In the Garden Candle | RLC No. 17

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The RLC Candle Club began in January 2021, with a new scent being dropped each month. We only make 30 of each scent, which means there are a very limited amount of leftovers after our subscribers get their candles. These candles are hand-poured, made using vegan soy, with lead-free wicks, and a burn life of approximately 60-65 hours. 

When I was in the lab creating the August 2021 RLC Candle Club scent with Debbie, the gardenia stuck out so much because it smells JUST LIKE my dear friend Lorenda’s favorite perfume. We then added a healthy dose of vetiver - which is MY favorite scent. So, burning this candle will almost be like sitting between Lorenda and Joseph at your favorite bar (because that’s where we would be!), cocktail in hand, and copious amounts of laughter. 

Lorenda refers to this one as "The Jorenda."