Miss Angela's Mango Candle

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One day my friend Deon asked me if I have a mango-scented candle. I thought through my collection - Trinidad Breeze might have had some mango, but realized that I didn't. He said his mom had asked if I had one. Well, Miss Angela also refers to me as "my Joe," so I came home, talked with my candle guru and we started testing scents. Ripe mango, softened with coconut milk and sugarcane was the right direction. Adding hints of other fruit aromas rounded out the scent and we were in business. I did a limited run - I only made 2 dozen - so if you want one, grab one soon. 

A breakdown - 

TOP: pineapple, orange

MIDDLE: ripe mango, peach

BASE: coconut milk sugarcane

Burn life is 65 hours (it's smaller than our other candles); soy wax; two lead free wicks.