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Born and raised in Ethiopia, Eleni Woldeyes came to the US in 2001 to attend a wedding and never left. She settled in Atlanta, where she studied accounting and met her husband. Soon, though, they relocated to Oregon, just outside of Portland, and Eleni, missing her close-knit family, started cooking foods that reminded her of home. And then, she turned that into a business. Between catering and teaching cooking classes, it seemed her schedule was full. So, logically she started jarring and selling a taste of home.  

A dry blend of spicy-hot red chili peppers and other aromatic spices, mitmita is traditionally used on kitfo (an Ethiopian tartare meat dish). Sprinkle on any finished dish to add a burst of heat and flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Chili Peppers, Ajwain Seed, Black Cumin, Kosseret (sage-like herb), Salt and other spices.

Size: 2 oz.