Natural Blonde (Yellow) Bloody Mary Mix

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When I tasted this award-winning yellow bloody mary mix, I was immediately transported to my parents' house during the dead of summer, where dishpans overflowing with fresh tomatoes dot the kitchen. It tastes like that - fresh, delicious, and bursting with flavor. 

This isn't the spiciest bloody mary you'll ever have, but that is by design. Doctor it up, or drink it as-is. The flavor is what you're here for. Natural Blonde uses fresh yellow tomatoes, no paste, it's gluten-free, low sodium, and contains no artificial preservatives. It contains 91% juice. 

Mixes with: Vodka, Tequila, Mezcal, Cucumber Gin, Michelada (beer), and also Rye Whiskey. Many local Charleston chefs have also been using it for dishes such as gazpacho, pasta, soups, ceviche, and more.

INGREDIENTS: Hand Milled Fresh Yellow Tomato Puree, Hot Sauce (vinegar, water, jalapeño peppers, honey, onion, parsnips, garlic, salt), Pickles Juice (vinegar, water, sugar, onion, jalapeño pepper, mustard seeds, celery seeds, mixed peppercorns), Fresh Lemon Juice, Salt, White Pepper and Citric Acid