October Candle | RLC No. 19

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The RLC Candle Club began in January 2021, with a new scent being dropped each month. We only make 30 of each scent, which means there are a very limited amount of leftovers after our subscribers get their candles. These candles are hand-poured, made using vegan soy, with lead-free wicks, and a burn life of approximately 60-65 hours. 

RLC NO. 19 - known simply as OCTOBER. 

It’s a terrific blend of early fall aromas, but not like any of the usual scents that flood the market as soon as the leaves start to change. No pumpkin spice. No smoky campfires. No cashmere and cardamom. 

My version is more like the image on the label - one of those big, bright October days that gives you a crispness in the air, but also brilliant sunshine, and the sky feels huge. You know those days.