Original EVO Salsa

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A blended salsa with fresh cilantro, peppers and spices, rounded out with refreshing key lime juice. Think bigger than chips and salsa. It's great as a topping for grilled fish. Put it in your instant pot with chicken thighs and make a memorable chicken soup. Use it in a layer of a taco salad. Buzz it up and coat your chicken breasts before frying. Let your imagination go wild!

In the summer of 2019, I participated in an arts and crafts show. It was a bust. The only thing worthwhile that happened was that I met Eleni Vavouris, a local chef-turned-small batch salsa maker. I tried her complete lineup of flavors and was wowed. I'd have order them all right there on the spot, but I had wasted hundreds of dollars on that event and made less than $60. So, I waited. But the time is right and here they are. They taste fresh. You won't be disappointed.