Pappy Bourbon Nib Brittle Olive & Sinclair

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The marriage of two great companies... 

Pappy Van Winkle, the most famous bourbon of our time, has partnered with Olive & Sinclair, one of the finest artisan chocolate makers in the country, to bring you one of their most prized products: bean-to-bar chocolate. The Bourbon Nib Brittle is made with organic cacao bean "nibs" aged in used Pappy barrels. The aged nibs with hints of bourbon are then added to a caramelized buttery brittle and topped with a layer of 67% chocolate. A classic confection with a unique southern twist, it’s a surefire hit for any bourbon lover and sure to convert any bourbon non-believer.

  • 6-oz. box
  • Handcrafted, small batch 
  • Slow-roasted, stone ground cacao bean
  • Nut-free candy
  • Made in Nashville, TN