Pewter Ornament - Ice Skate

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You probably don't know this, but I'm a pewter person. My flatware is pewter. I have a handful of pewter trays. I have a couple of pewter/glass decanters. My salt and pepper mills are pewter. Before I opened my business, pewter was often what I gifted people for wedding gifts. So when I happened across this small pewter company in North Carolina, I jumped! LOL There is a whole line of musical instruments, sports-themed and more. As a former trumpet player, I immediately ordered those and the detail was so spot-on I ordered a whole band and sport's team's worth. 

  • Dimensions 2.75" width x 2.75" length x 1/8" thickness
  • Lead-Free Pewter

Made to be shiny but will grey naturally with age. You may restore the shine by polishing with Brasso or any metal polish that lists Pewter on the container. You may also restore the shine by polishing with a super-sheen polishing cloth or jeweler's cloth.

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