Quevos Egg White Chips - Cheddar

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I was trying to amp up RLC's snack division when I found these egg white chips. The origin story: Zack Schreier was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 11. Like any kid, he wanted to be able to eat potato chips. Since that was a carb overload. Inspired by the crispy leftovers of an egg white omelette, Zack knew that it was possible for pure protein to crunch like a chip. So he got to work developing a low-carb egg white chip alongside his sister Carly and lifelong friend Nick.Together they experimented tirelessly for two years before arriving at the product of their dreams — a crunchy and boldly flavorful chip that delivers the nutrition and purity of an egg white omelette.

After being a part of a Kraft-Heinz incubator project, they did a very successful Kickstarter campaign for $10,000 in start up costs (which they raised in 2 hours!), which ended up generating more than $70,000 total. From there, they clearly hired someone who knows a bit about product development and branding because the packaging now meets the quality of the chips themselves. Perfect for diabetics, people on a keto diet, and someone who just wants a snack. Besides being a great chip, crumble them as a salad topping, I use the cheese chips in my tomato soup as croutons, crumble and use them as breading on your next air fryer project... 

The cheddar Quevos are lactose-free. 

1 ounce bag