Raw Rainforest Honey

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Of course, by now we all know the benefits of raw honey. And, while some people swear by local honey being the only version they will eat, I fell in absolute love with this Patagonian honey from Chile. Every jar comes from one beekeeper and one harvest. They work through a women-run cooperative in Chile that helps partner these beekeepers with businesses that purchase the honey through fair-trade pricing to get it on the market. 

Rainforest honey is smooth and soft with a slight granulation that gives it a pleasant texture. It reminds the tastebuds of honeysuckle and has notes of clove, lime, and dry hay. Its fruity undertones and bright tanginess leave a pleasant freshness on the palate. Often a favorite of honey lovers because it is reminiscent of traditional wildflower honey, Rainforest honey wins people over with its uniquely colorful flavor profile that makes it stand out from US wildflower honey.

9 oz. jar.