Red Miso Mustard

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Have I told you how grateful I am that Mustard and Co. sent me unsolicited samples way back in 2013? They were the first company to reach out to me and my super-tiny upstart of a business. I immediately fell in love with their honey curry mustard and have kept their products on my "shelves" since. 

One thing you might not know is that my fridge could have 7-8 different mustards in it at any given time. Well, I just added two more with absolutely no shame! In addition to the new Maple Sage Mustard, comes this Red Miso Mustard. Their first crowd-sourced mustard (thanks crowd!), Miso is a fan suggestion brought to life by Justin, our mustard maker. Rich and savory, with a touch of umami, we suggest using it like any mustard dressing on salads, with roasted pork belly, on sushi, and for dipping anything fried!

Last night, I did a quick marinade of this mustard and Fly by Jing on some chicken breasts and cooked them in the air fryer and it was the quickest, most umami-filled dish in history. Highly, highly recommended. 

Ingredients: white vinegar, filtered water, red miso powder, maple syrup, yellow mustard seed, onion powder, mustard powder

7 oz jar. Made weekly in small batches.