Rhum JM Sirop de Canne - Sugar Cane Syrup

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I'm such a nerd. You're about to get a lesson. 

This cane syrup comes from Rhum JM, a popular rum brand from Martinique, a French territory in the Lesser Antilles island chain. The French connection is important for the story. So is the spelling of "rhum." Rum refers to all forms of rum - it's a catch-all term used for white rums, spiced rums, golden rums, dark rums. Rhum is a specific style of rum-making that was originally distilled on the French Caribbean islands (Haiti, the Guadeloupe archipelago, and Martinique chief among them). Rhum is made from fermented, fresh-pressed sugar cane juice that's grown expressly for this purpose.

So is this alcoholic? Nope. But this syrup is made with the same sugar cane that's grown for rhum. It's not mass-produced. The sugar cane comes from small plantations across Martinique. Cane syrup is the "good" version of corn syrup. The flavor is unparalleled and can be subbed out for hundreds of recipes that call for corn syrup, from cocktails to soups to desserts. 

Did you need all of that? Well... I think so; that's why I typed it all. You know what you're buying. And I'll clarify - it's "the good stuff."