Smoked Habanero Barbeque Haute Sauce

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I rarely buy on the spot at a trade show, but these hot sauces were so impressive that I went ahead and did so seconds after tasting them. They were set up in the Incubator Village* at the 2020 Winter show. Owner Sarah Marshall, is based is Portland, Oregon. 

This sauce won first place in the national sauce competition, the scovie awards. This is not your traditional hot sauce. This sauce was created by deconstructing traditional big-name sauces and eliminating common allergens (gluten, anchovies, Worcestershire, corn starch) and replacing them with spices and vegetables. It contains a unique spice blend with the essence of cinnamon and clove. It has a smokey, sweet, and savory flavor with a mild heat. 8 oz bottle. 

* The Specialty Food Association recognizes the important role that incubator kitchens play in helping small food companies jump start their business. Incubator kitchens rent out physical kitchen space, assist early-stage food businesses in anything from business planning and recipe development; knowledge of food safety issues, branding and marketing; access to capital/lending institutions and help promote exposure to retail and the marketplace.