Smoky Cumin Hot Sauce

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Anyone who has spent any time looking at this website has come to the realization that I could easily have just opened a hot sauce store and been done. My obsession with hot sauces seems it will never end, and your pantries are all the better for it! This cumin-based sauce delivers a nice smoky, earthy flavor with the right amount of habaneros to spice up any dish. An excellent rub for red meats hit the open fire. but also an excellent addition to Tex-Mex, Chili's or just add a dollop to your hummus. 

4 oz. jar 


Nafissatou Camara was born in France and started cooking, using classic French techniques, at a very early age under her mother's guidance. In her teens, she sought our her father and went to live with him in Senegal, where she and her grandmother (and namesake) the two quickly became best friends. Nafissantou was delighted by the new aromas and spices she had never known existed. Says Nafissatou, "This time spent with Mama Nafi was often silent, rhythm by the sound of the cooking tools, the pilon, the coal cracking, focused, powerful, as she was conscientiously transferring her precious knowledge and blessings to the child I still was. I was staring at her every graceful gesture, and her happy smile."