Sriracha Hot Sauce

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Well, it only made sense. I have a hot sauce from every other country on the planet.* I might as well add sriracha!

Did you know authentic Sriracha sauce comes from the coastal city of Si Racha in central Thailand? With so many hot sauces claiming to be Sriracha, finding the real thing can be confusing. Here's the easy solution: here's your winner – it’s made the Thai way: slowly, in small batches, with the highest-quality ingredients. Spicy, tangy, and just the right amount of sweet, this Sriracha Sauce ignites the senses - and perfectly balances bold flavor with exquisite Thai heat. Whether you drizzle, blend, infuse, sprinkle, or top, our Sriracha Sauce delivers a delicious kick of flavor to all your favorite foods.

I love Thai food. So, it only made sense to add this collection to the pantry when I tasted their lip-smacking curries. These family recipes come from renowned Seattle restaurant Toi, which earned them a place in Bon Appetit’s “Best of the Year” issue and national recognition in Travel and Leisure.  

* That was hyperbole. I do carry a lot of hot sauces, though!

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