Sweet Toasted Corn Cracker

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As I looked for more items for the snack category, I found these tortilla-like crackers from Miami. The owner, Leo, is an architect by trade, but changed careers a few years ago to pursue his passion - sharing foods celebrating his Venezuelan roots. And with that, he created these wafer-thin, crunchy bites that are based on an arepa. Using corn to create these crackers, he has created a gluten free, vegan, kosher snack that should make most people happy. 

The packaging for Craize crackers offers "authentic flavor/limitless possibilities," See for yourself. 

Tropical flavor at its finest! Craize’s Plantain cracker is the go-to flavor for a sweet & salty craving. It is the best of both worlds. Pair it with white cheeses, such as Goat cheese, cream cheese or Ricotta. Highlight its taste by pairing it with orange and cinnamon spreads.